The Origins of Friendbc.

It was long ago way back before the WBS chat days when I came up with the username/handle of Friendsc and my mail addy was madrian@netshop.... I didn't have internet access at the time, no puter of my own.
Anyways before I was chatting in WBS, and there was no web broswer chats. There was IRC(internet relay chat), and to use it I chatted with a program called MIRC and chatted in Dalnet chat 30andflirting.. some other flirt chats. and monantawolf chat??.  I met Judes(lilspring) dere she got voted the best  butt online at the time eh haha,
anywas when I started chatting in MIRC, it ask for a user name and hey I was not creative,  I was using a computer at a FriendShip Centre
So Tada friendsc was born and was my handle haha,  tada very creative eh?
Welp a downside to that was ppl kept asking me,  where in South Carolina I was from.
So got tired of explaing I am not from SC,  I am from BC.
and a voice said unto me "Friendsc ppl think you are from the states, art thou trying to confuse the masses? I said "eh? who? what? moi? confuse ppl? no no I, I am not that kinda person." "Then thou art to change thine name".
So Tada FriendBC was born. and the voice did say unto me,
"Hence forth ya shall be forevery known as Friendbc or until you decide to change thine name again or what every come first. valid all over the world, some condtions may apply"