The Origins of Beingsneaky.

It was long ago way back in the days of WBS chat when I had the username/handle of Friendbc and my mail addy was madrian@........ but any ways I was chatting in WBS, ahh it was great chat you could have a picture next to your name and it scrolled, you could also have what was called a tagline next to your name too.. and you could post pics right in the chat and it showed up as picture not a link, so ppl could see the pic right away with out having to open a new web page just to see the pic.
But anyways there I was in the chat, ppl were bored.. so ppl started posting pics of anything and everything . I posted one that was not even close to being a nude, was of a woman with her breasts painted up to look like puppies i am sure  ppl have seen this one pic already been on the net for years now. breasts were fully covered by the paint looked like pasties... and dang if some ppl were not showing pics of completely naked men and women eh.. but I was the one banned from chat.
But who knows who is watching an lurking in chat.. becareful, the all mighty moderator maybe watching... In those days you were banned by your e-mail addy you signed up to chat with. so anyways here I was banned from chat. every post I made was a warning the post... "was not sent ppl can not see you or some such thing..." so I am going "what the hell?" I sign out and try sign back it. it tells me I been banned?? voice from above or out of the speaker at least  "GO LEAVE NOW AND NEVER DARKEN OUR FINE, FAIR CHAT EVERY AGAIN WITH YOUR SMUT".   Ah I think it was supposed to be a deep booming voice, but it sounded kinda squueky coming out of my umpowered 10 dollar speakers
so I try sign in with my other user name says same thing banned..
so I figure ok they ban you by e-mail addy. time to ge a new one anyways.
I go an look for one and Yahoo was a new start up company then I think? it started up not to long before then, so off I go to Yahoo, I see a screen Beckoning me "Come here my child. need an address? want to check your email?".
So anyways I need a user name for Yahoo and was thinking, what can I use??
Then I had a stroke... no I didn't get a blood clot in my head.. I had a stroke of genius, a revalation.. Perhaps it was sign from above or just from my Twisted mind..
I figured well... I am Being Sneaky about getting back in to the chat,
SO TADA beingsneaky was born.. and I have been beingsneaky every since..