Here are more Pics of me. Sept/08/99 an a few comments.

As ya can see I like that cloud effect eh.

Just fooling around with a video camerea anda vidcap card. I had just got out of the shower just before I did these pics and well some lady told me I should loss the shorts hmmm I don't know about that eh hahaha hmm what ya think hahaha. 

My hair was longer then this before. I had to get about 3-4 inches cut off because of split ends *SIGH* ah well, my friend is always bugging me about taking care of my hair.

HHMM? don't know about this pic anymore, now that I looked at it more, I look kinda funny hunched over like that. ah weell to late the pic be here so it stays.

Hard at work capturing another picture.

This pic, Makie a chatfriend of mine worked one, nice work eh. Makie is kinda cute too, well more then kinda cute, beautiful is a ggod word for her, an nice strange sense of haha like me maybe that is why I like her? to bad for me that, she be like kinda married (sniffles)hahaha hmm she could be the mother of my children, well that is if she was not aready pratically married eh.