A view of teh Fraser River Canyon/Valley .

As you can see by these pics that Lillooet is in a very dry spot, The country around here is semi-arid country ,not much but sagebrush and pine trees here, well actually it does get wet around here, beingin awe are in a valley it does creates its own climate here, it gets very hot here at least 100 degrees F. 35-40 degrees C, I think it translates to, damm hot anyways for me eh LOL

This a pic of the town of Lillooet looking north. Ployarts trailer court at the bottom of the pic.

This is pic of the side of the river from a place not to far from where I lived. Lillooet in the foreground, very impressive is it not?

This is a view of the Fraser River from the Old Bridge. Looking down stream. sorry I don't have a pic of the old bridge just did not think of it at the time I will get a pic of it.