This is a picture of the Valley where I am from, I lived on the first lake above it on the right hand side of the picture, This pic was taking by a friend over in Seton Portage, Myrna she gave me premission to use this pic and i would like to thank her for the use of it, it a very good picture.

This is a picture of Seton Lake at the Lillooet end. From the View point that they have above the lake. thats the front end of my car you see.

This is a picture of the same area as the last picture looking towards Enterprise Glacier.

Pic of the valley where I am from. I took this one and I love it. Wish I had a nice camera so I can take more pics like this, this is the first lake you see on the pic above. 
My Dad owns a beach on this lake.

Another pic of where I be from eh. nice valley eh.  The lake is named Anderson Lake and this Pic here is the Seton River empting from of Anderson Lake. 
My dad used to gaff fish on this river. I remember it long time ago *LOL* well not that long a go, making myself sound old now eh.

This is one way how we fish traditionaly around my area, this is the mighty Fraser River. We also us a dipnet or swingnet and gillnets. You don't want to fall in this river it might decide to keep you and not spit you back out eh.

Pic of the mountains in Lillooet.

This is a pic of The Carpenter Lake although why they call it that is beyond me. I call it a fake lake eh this valley was flooded by a dam. no need to tell ya what they wreck when they did that eh.

Pic of the mountains in Lillooet an the Famous Bridge of 23 Camels now is that a stupid name or what eh? why do they name things after some thing a White person did and not what a native did? or hae a St'át'mc person name the bridge? Yeepers a lill predjudices still left over in the white folks I think eh hahahaha.